The World's First DVD Dedicated To Elegant Luxury Earthships...

Who Would Have Thought Used Tires
and Dirt Could Be Turned Into
Architectural Masterpieces?


Are You Imagining Living In An Earthship Someday?

Or Simply Want A Personal Tour Of America's
Most Breathtaking Off-Grid Solar Homes?

The Ultimate Solar Homes DVD is a Perfect Opportunity to See the Earthship Construction Process Up Close and Walk Room-by-Room Through These Amazing Homes.

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You've probably already seen earthships. They are on television, in home magazines, and all over the internet. And for good reason. The earthships presented in this amazing DVD are the promise of a new way of building homes that are inexpensive to create, that cost nothing to heat or cool, that are elegant and visually tasteful, and that offer a financially stress-free quality of life. These homes are environmentally friendly and will outlast almost every other form of building technology.

They are, simply put, Ultimate Solar Homes.

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What is an Earthship?

Imagine asking Mother Nature how she would build a house for human beings.

Earthships offer an entirely different and significantly better quality of life. Forget sterile square rooms. Forget the shadows and draftiness of a conventional house. Forget endless home maintenance. Leave behind utility bills, polluted city water, and overpriced property values.

Earthships offer a quality of life that raises the standard on humane, gracious living. Electricity is created by solar panels. Heat is absorbed into the home through large, south facing double-glazed windows. Cooling, even in inclement hot summers, happens through contact between the house and stable year-round earth temperature.

The home itself is built largely with recycled materials most of which are easily available and free for the asking. Used steel-belted automobile tires, packed solid with earth, become giant 400-pound bricks that create sound-proof, fire and earthquake resistant, fortress-like walls.

Pure, uncontaminated rain water is collected from approved potable roofing material into water storage tanks that provide an abundant source of water even in areas with minimal rainfall.

In parts of the country where water conservation is especially important, earthship plumbing systems can be configured so that the "graywater" runoff from sinks and showers drains into large indoor or outdoor garden planters rather than directly into a septic tank. Excess planter water is recaptured, filtered, and used again to flush the toilets. This technology dramatically reduces water usage and places significantly less burden on the septic system than a conventional plumbing system.

In short, an earthship is a fortress-like home that fully encounters natural phenomena of the planet to provide people with shelter, heating, cooling, water, and even sewage processing through intelligent, innovative, and inexpensive design.

Why Are Earthships Only Now Becoming Popular?

Architect and innovator Michael Reynolds has been evolving the technology of earthships for over thirty years. Based in northern New Mexico, he has been the driving force behind the construction of hundreds of earthships across the United States and around the world. From survival shelter for hurricane-ravaged villages in Asia to a 1.2 million dollar custom earthship north of Santa Fe, NM, his innovations are bringing people back to the laws of nature in designing and building their homes.

As Michael Reynolds commented during our lengthy interview together, “Traditional architecture is not filling the bill for what we need for the future to live on this planet.”

While most of America remains addicted to home building technologies that are expensive to build, which are often vulnerable to fire and natural disasters, and which require constant home maintenance and an endless stream of gas and electricity, earthships have discarded obsolete models of residential construction and have taken a completely new approach to homebuilding.

Earthships are obviously not for the masses, at least not yet. While the occasional earthship documentary pops up on cable TV, earthship construction today is still largely limited to a small number of thoughtful, visionary, and innovative homeowners.

"What we're trying to do is not so much self-aggrandizement, as it is trying to show people you can live a much less energy intensive lifestyle. The feedback we've gotten from many people after visiting our home is that this is truly one of the most beautiful houses they have ever been in."

Jerry Unruh, Ph.D.
Earthship Owner / Builder

What Kind Of People Are Interviewed in this DVD?

Jerry Unruh, Ph.D., earned his doctorate in organic chemistry and recently retired from an extensive and productive career that involved, among other things, earning over 25 patents for his innovations.

Through extensive interviews and breath-taking professional videography, learn how Jerry and his wife Diana celebrated their recent retirement by hand-building a beautiful, energy-independent, luxury earthship. Follow Jerry and Diana's inspiring story and their gracious willingness to share every step of the earthship building process for this DVD.

Their tasteful luxury home has been featured on the National Solar Homes tour every year since it was built and now you are invited to take a personal upclose tour of every aspect of their home as well as numerous other luxury earthships.

As Jerry Unruh learned after attending an earthship seminar taught by Michael Reynolds, Michael not only pioneered earthship architecture, but he also inspired a new generation of architects and architectural designers to use his innovations in building energy-independent solar homes for their clients.

Mike Shealy is an architectural designer working from his own earthship in Colorado. A former aerospace engineer, Mike shares in an insightful interview how he now helps people build solar homes that emphasize the client’s participation in the homebuilding process. In fact, most of the homes featured in the Ultimate Solar Homes DVD were built by Mike Shealy’s clients. It’s remarkable to note that these amazing homes were largely hand-built by their owners, folks with often little or no construction experience.

Ultimate Solar Homes takes the perception of earthships to the next level. Full of digitally-mastered behind the scenes footage of well-designed luxury earthships, this DVD will change forever how you think about houses and the abundant benefits of living in an energy-independent solar home.

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Does the World Really Need Another Housing Technology?

In truth, the world needs to evolve beyond a large number of the technologies it is presently using to build homes. After visiting the luxury earthships on the DVD, you will be asking the same questions the owners of these amazing homes now ask:

-Why would a person build a house out of expensive wood 2x4's, when they could build a home out of materials that are free and largely indestructible?

-Why would people design a conventional home that ignores free solar warmth ... and then draws on gas or electricity to heat their home?

-Why do people choose bland, cookie-cutter home designs over creative and natural interiors that are less expensive yet pleasing to the eye and a reflection of the homeowner's tastes?

-Why do people give away their lives for a mortgage on an overpriced conventional home that is stressful to acquire and difficult to maintain?

All of the ultimate solar homes you will visit in this DVD are built in quiet, inexpensive communities outside of the mainstream of stressful city and each one changes the rules of homebuilding entirely.

Earthships require none of the municipal infrastructure (ie, power lines, gas lines, chlorinated city water) that artificially inflate home prices. The power, water, climate control, and sewage technology used in all the homes on this DVD permit these houses to be built in quiet, peaceful, scenic areas because they are completely self-contained. Earthships can be built with or without access to municipal utilities. This offers a homebuilder unlimited options on where to build a home and how much or how little to spend for a building site.

"Earthships are nothing less than the way human beings in the 21st century are intended by nature to create homes for themselves. Every earthship on this DVD is unique and truly a personal work of art. They are energy-independent and require no connection to public utilities. The curved lines of the one-of-a-kind floorplans, the lush interior gardens, and the natural finishes and materials throughout each of these homes create spaces that inspire stress-free and creative living."

John Neumann
Producer and Narrator, The Ultimate Solar Homes DVD

What Kind of People Build Earthships?

On this DVD, you'll watch the construction of a 150 square foot rammed-earth tire hut that demonstrates all the basic fundamentals of earthship construction. You'll also walk step by step through the construction of a 2000 square foot earthship mountain home. From there, you'll visit three breathtaking, high-end luxury earthships - including a massive 6000 square foot dream home, one of America's greatest architectural solar masterpieces.

It’s interesting to note that the same rammed-earth tire building technology that is used in economically devastated regions of Asia and South America to provide basic survival shelter is simultaneously being used in the United States to create breathtaking luxury homes. While the Ultimate Solar Homes DVD focuses mostly on tasteful, state-of-the-art homes, there is truly an earthship for every budget.

Whether building a 150 square foot hut or a 6000 square foot luxury residence, what all these structures have in common are substantial, durable, and sound-proof walls. Whether large or small, the homes regulate their own inside temperature regardless of the weather outside. They are able to collect clean and drinkable rainwater. They have little or no utility costs and they cost significantly less to build than conventional homes.

The homes, of course, are the stars of this ground breaking documentary about the next generation of intelligent home building. But a technology is only as brilliant as the people moving it forward. Join me, your host John Neumann, as I sit down and interview at length reknowned earthship pioneer and architect Michael Reynolds as he discusses the history and the future of energy independent living.

Michael's candid and often controversial comments about homebuilding and architecture in the United States are not for the faint of heart. His insights throughout this interview are unashamedly intent on breaking all ties with needlessly expensive and inefficient traditional homebuilding. On this DVD, you'll visit one-on-one with a man who thinks beyond the limitations of traditional architecture and who walks his talk both in his home designs and his personal philosophy.

What Else Will I Learn From This DVD?

Everything you've learned about ultimate solar homes has probably already aroused your interest in earthship construction. So are you ready to begin collecting tires and start building? Well, unless you live in a part of the country that already has earthships, you may have several last barriers to overcome. In the Ultimate Solar Homes DVD, you will learn:

-How anyone can build an earthship on virtually any budget. Visit with a recently retired couple that hand-built their own luxury earthship with the help of just a few friends.

-How with just a little bit of easily available research, you can master every part of the earthship building process. Young solar enthusiasts in their early 20's all the way through to financially conscious retired couples have successfully hand-built homes that, dollar for dollar, offer them an enormously greater quality of life than a conventional home.

-How countless earthship owners have worked with their building departments to successfully permit and build their non-conventional dreamhouses.

-How ultimate solar homes offer security and peace of mind against severe weather, natural disasters, rising energy costs, or even an interrupted energy supply in a time of national crisis.

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Earthships have come a long way from the dusty, unfinished, experimental solar homes of the 1970's. Ultimate solar homes today are breathtaking in their architectural design, awe-inspiring in their interior finishes and decor, and technologically proven to provide stable and comfortable indoor temperatures regardless of the weather outside.

Of course, one benefit all of these owners will tell you is priceless is that you live in a bright, naturally lit home and you bring the outdoors right into your living room.

The open floorplan, the natural textures throughout the home, and the large windows and lush indoor greenery all work together to create a structure that is much more a personal work of art than just a structure.

The ideas and technology presented in the Ultimate Solar Homes DVD offer visionary homeowners an opportunity to live in a life-changing house for a fraction of what it would cost to build a similarly sized conventional home.

Again, whether you imagine living in an earthship someday … or just want a tour of America’s most breathtaking off-grid solar homes, the Ultimate Solar Homes DVD is a perfect opportunity to see the earthship construction process up close and walk room-by-room through these amazing homes.

All of the custom luxury earthships you'll visit on this amazing DVD are built in quiet, serene, and very private mountain hideaway spots. You won't accidently stumble across any of these architectural wonders on your next weekend roadtrip.

Each of these homes is as unique as the people who built them and live in them. Spending an evening with this DVD is like spending a weekend with good friends who have already built their own earthship and who are willing to share with you everything they've learned along the way.

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John Neumann
Producer and Narrator, The Ultimate Solar Homes DVD

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